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Our company was invited to participate in the founding of the Yichang Association for science and technology and the first three gorges bio pharmaceutical industry development forum.

Recently, we, Hubei Hubei Kangquan Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd, was invited to participate Foundation Conference of Scientific Association Union of Yichang Municipal Colleges and Universities and the First Development Forum of Three Gorges Biological Medicine Industry. Many authorities attended the conference, including Yichang municipal NPC deputy director - Shang Kui, deputy secretary of Academic Section of Hubei Association For Science & Technology - Xu Chen, vice president of China Three Gorges University -Zou Kun and Xu Hechun. The hosts is the Standing Committee Member of Party Committee of Three Gorges University as well as the Secretary of Propaganda Department - Li Minchang.

Sharing resource and innovative driving is the topic of the meeting, which aims at promoting development of Scientific Association Union of Yichang Municipal Colleges and Universities. It will established a technological innovative system of major enterprise and deep integration of production and study that will strengthen scientific and technological achievement transformation in Yichang biological medicine field.

In the meeting, several institutes are established. They are “Three Gorges University - Shennongjia Green Development Institute”, “Three Gorges University - Renfu Biologic Medicine Institute”, “Technological Study Center of Hubei Three Gorges Particular Plant Cultivation Engineering” and “Technological Study Center of Hubei Biological Enzymes Engineering”. The institutes will cooperate with us in science, technology, resource sharing, employee training, employee enrollment to have a breakthrough in traditional cooperation model of school and enterprise that will strengthen bilateral deep integration. The new mechanism and model of school and enterprise cooperation will create a new school and enterprise community in new era.

We focus on solving industrial key technology issue in campus to promote scientific and technological transformation work. Three Gorges University signed a technological development and transformation contract with us. Meanwhile, we communicated with other excellent entrepreneurs and productive studying technicians for successful experience in the Medical Industrial Development Forum in Three Gorges University.

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