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The Corporate Representative Interview Three Gorges TV Station

Hubei Kangquan Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd, established in Oct. 2015, was located in Bio-industrial Park of High-tech Zone. Our work includes product study, production, sales and service. We are a innovative enterprise that focuses on study, production and sales of medical high polymer material, medical apparatus and other medical instruments. Our products include medical multifunctional catheter for breast, enterocoelia, abdominal cavity, outside brain, urinary system etc; sterile patches and surgical aid instruments.

Our company has established hundred thousand GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard purification plant and inspection facility. Based on abundant technology, we continuously to develop and promote advanced clinical medical apparatus and instrument products. Since our company has been established, we continuously devote ourself to develop new products according to requirements of medical technological development. Meanwhile, we positively conduct ISO13485 and YY/T 027 standard and requirements, and always taking “accumulate little improvement for excellent progress” as our quality principle. We cherish people’s life by creating excellent products. Partners will progress with us for new technology and products. We will obtain splendid future.

TEL:+86-0717-8865550  |  ADD:12 Road 2, Bio-industrial Park of High-tech Zone,Yichang City, Hubei Province

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