Triple Lumen Feeding Catheter - B


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[Performance and structure]

Feeding catheter consists of tube, connector, double caps, guidance cap/wire, connecting tube (only for B type). X-ray line is printed on tube. The tube is made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU).

The catheter is disposable and sterile. It is sterilized by oxirane. Residual quantity10ug/g. Cytotoxicity1. No mucosal stimulus response or delayed hypersensitivity. We suggest that catheter should not indwell in body over 30 days or submit to doctors opinion.


The catheter is used for decreasing gastrointestinal pressure or transfusion or discharge.


1. Before application, operator need to check catheter and prepare other tool.

2. Plugging: After wrapping package, operator help patient rely on bed for confirming length (adult-45~55 cm) then cleaning nostril and narcotizing nasal cavity. Catheter need to be lubricated then being plugged into nasal cavity. Slowly pushing and rotating, until it reached posterior throat, pushing it when patient swallowing, then catheter can be pushed into stomach. Pulling out guidance wire when catheter reaches needed position. At last, catheter need to be fixed on face by bandage.

3. Single and double lumen feeding catheter: Opening double cap will decrease gastrointestinal pressure by discharging or sucking fluids. Then cap need to be closed.

4. Triple lumen feeding catheter (A/B): Opening double cap will decrease gastrointestinal pressure by discharging or sucking fluids. Feeding food and medicine: Firstly, some warm water need to be injected into stomach (30ml once per day). Then fluid food or medicine are injected. After that, operator injects some warm water again for preventing food barrage. Barrage will cause enterogastritis.

5. Pulling: Putting plate under patients under jaw. Clipping end of catheter (avoid reflux when pulling). Operator put catheter in plate and slowly remove bandage. Operator pull and clean catheter wrapped by gauze when patient doing expiration.When it reached throat, operator pull it rapidly. Pulled catheter should be pulled in plate. Then operator clean patients face, nose and mouth.


1. Sterile mark refers that the catheter is sterilized by oxirane. It is valid for 2 years. Check batch No. and date on the package, if it is broken, do not use it.

2. Disposable mark reminds you that catheter only can be used for once, then it need to be disposed. Forbid repeat application.

3. Product need to be handled by medical staff. After plugging, operator need to find its position and fix it to prevent warping and taking off. As for it need to indwell in patients body for a long time, it need to be douched regularly by normal saline for keeping unimpeded as well as patients mouth and nose.

4. The product need to be stored in ventilated, dry room without corrosive articles.

5. Being softly and stably when plugging, or esophagus mucosa may been damaged at 3 narrow places (horizontal cricoid cartilage, cross plain weasand, diaphragm).

6. Do not push guidance wire again, or it may impale catheter to leak fluids.

7. Patient with hemorrhage of digestive tract, obstruction and varicosity of esophagus, or after nasal cavity and esophagus cant use the catheter.

8. Please do not use sour fluids, especially juice to douche catheter, or food will be wrapped. Then it need to be exchanged. Anyway, do not douche catheter or impale it by guidance wire forcibly.

9. Never inject nutrient or medical fluids at the same time.

[Storage and transportation condition]

Relative humidity≤80%. No corrosive gas but dry, clean and cool air. Be careful when transporting.

[Date of manufacture] See label.

[Valid period] 2 years.

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