Drainage Bag 2


[Application department]

Operating room, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, urology department, orthopedics department etc.

[Product performance and composition]

The product consists of bag, connecting tube, discharge tube (elective), robot clip or check valve, hanger (elective), anti-reflux film (elective), connector (fiver types for different composition: sampling connector, tapered adapter, Luer taper, active adapter, threaded adapter), cross valve (elective) and ribbon. It is an external body container that connects with drainage catheter/urine catheter in body. The bag is drove by gravity that can not control drainage speed and pressure without electrical negative pressure source. The bag is disposable.

[Application range]

For draining and collecting fluids in body.


1. Unwrap package and take drainage bag out. Close cross valve below (if there has). Pull out connector cap.

2. Connect connector drainage catheter with urine catheter or Luer connector catheter.

3. Hang the drainage bag beside bed.

4. After recording, you can discharge the fluids by open robot clip. If the bag has no cross valve, you can exchange the bag.


1. Discard broken bag. Used bag need to be disposed immediately.

2. The bag must be hung below body. It can’t be hung horizontally.

3. If there is too much urine, it will wet patient’s body.

4. Exchange the bag per 7 days. It can’t be used again.

[Storage and transportation condition]

Relative humidity≤80%. No corrosive gas but clean air.

[Date of manufacture] See label.

[Valid period] 2 years.

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